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Welcome to the Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratory (ASTL)

The mission of the Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratory (ASTL) is developing state-of-the-art sensor technologies for Structure and Human Health Condition Monitoring and providing a multi-disciplinary learning environment for the students to participate in world class research activities.

Current research projects at ASTL include:

  • Wave coupling between two ultrasound wave-guides
  • Understanding fundamentals of surface-bonded piezoelectric wafer transducer for electromechanical impedance and ultrasound shear wave monitoring of sensitization corrosion
  • Experiment and Simulation Study of Surface Profile Evolution for Crack Initiation Prediction

Position Openings

Graduate Research Assistant (position announcement)

In the News

06/013/2019: Arash Valiollahi joins ASTL as a PhD student

05/16/2019: "Microstrip patch antenna for simultaneous temperature sensing and superstrate characterization" is accepted by Smart Materials & Structures (

05/15/2019: Dr. Kranthi Balusu joins ASTL as a post-doctoral fellow

04/16/2019: "Investigating the relationship between grain orientation and surface height changes in nickel polycrystals under tensile plastic deformation" accepted by Mechanics of Materials (

03/12/2019: UTA news release on two grants recently received by ASTL (Link)

01/17/2019: Dr. Subir Patra joins ASTL

With gratitude and recognition to our fine sponsors:



Office of Naval Research



Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)


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Texas Ignition Fund



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