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Welcome to the Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratory (ASTL)

The missions of the Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratory (ASTL) are focused on: 1) developing state-of-the-art sensor technologies for Structural Health Monitoring and bio-medical applications; and 2) providing a multi-disciplinary learning environment for the students to participate in world class research activities.

Current research projects at ASTL cover a broad range of topics, including:

       Wireless antenna sensor skin for Structural Health Monitoring

       Remote generation and steering of ultrasound using microwave

       Unpowered wireless Acoustic Emission sensors

       Remote powered wireless strain gauge

       Smart shoes with embedded shear/compression sensors for diabetic foot diagnosis


This site contains further information on the Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratory (ASTL). Contact and communications welcome.


In the News:

     01/22/2013: A group of four Mechanical Engineering students will undertake the Smartshoe project for their senior design course

     10/15/2012: Dr. Oleg Bobrenkov joins ASTL as a post-doctoral fellow

     09/20/2012: Undergraduate student Ya-yu Monica Hew is honored during the Pioneer Banquet of the 2012 ASME SMASIS conference as the finalist of the student hardware competition

     09/01/2012: Zhihui Li joins ASTL as a visiting scholar

     09/01/2012: Graduate student Farshad Zahedi and Jun Yao join ASTL

     08/13/2012: Irshad Mohammad receives his PhD in Mechanical Engineering

     07/11/2012: Undergraduate student Ya-yu Monica Hew won 2012 Boeing Engineering Students of the Year (see announcement at

     03/28/2012: Undergraduate student Erica Castillo won the 2012 Goldwater Scholarship

     06/01/2011: ASTL received funding from TxMRC program to study embedding shear/pressure sensors in shoes for diabetic foot diagnostics.

     03/22/2011: Graduate student Irshad Mohammad won 3rd prize at the World Best Technologies (WBT) Innovation Marketplace.

     10/01/2010: Undergraduate students Justin Erdmann and Daniel Paramo present papers at SMASIS 2010.


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