Fall 2019

ME/AE5323: Engineering Research Method

Fall 2019

MAE1312: Engineering Statics

Spring 2019 ME/AE5314: Fracture Mechanics
Fall 2018 MAE1312: Engineering Statics
Spring 2018 Development Leave


New Course Development

ME5323/AE5323 Engineering Research Methods

This hands-on course teaches the tools that are essential for conducting graduate research, with an aim to prepare the students for project-based graduate research. The course will be focused on the integration of engineering concepts to complete course projects that imitate mini research projects.


ME5390/AE5301 Structural Health Monitoring

This course gives an overview of an emerging technology field called Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). SHM refers to the broad concept of evaluating the performance of structural components at real-time using a variety of sensing techniques, for the purpose of providing advanced warning of future structural failures. It has become an increasingly important technology in civil, aerospace, and structural engineering to ensure the safe operation of various structures, such as bridges, skyscrapers, aircraft, and spacecrafts. This course will introduce the fundamentals of SHM as well as recent developments in sensor technologies, damage detection techniques, and signal processing algorithms. Special emphasis will be given to optical fiber sensors and ultrasonic non-destructive inspection techniques.


Fun Projects for K-12 Students

How to make music using wind chime pipes

This project demonstrates how we can use the principle of mechanical engineering for making music. The students are given a set of wind chime pipes with different lengths. They can measure and record the frequencies of the wind chime pipes using a MATLAB GUI program. By finding the relationship between the pipe frequencies and the pipe frequencies using Excel, they can calculate the pipe lengths that are required to play the song "Mary had a little lamb".


Download files for this project. The files are described as the following

1.     Wind Chime.ppt: step-by-step instructions

2.     Record.m: MATLAB program for measure the frequency of the wind pipe

3.     five pipes.xls: excel files for finding the relationship between pipe frequency and pipe length.

4.     Frequencies of music notes.pdf: a table lists the frequency of music notes

5.     Mary had a little lamb.pdf: music notes


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