ME5390/AE5301: Engineering Research Method

Course Description:   This hands-on course will teach the tools that are essential for graduate students, with an aim to prepare the students for project-based graduate research. The course will be focused on the integration of engineering concepts to complete course projects that imitate mini research projects. 


The students will learn

1.     Experimental validation of theoretical/simulation solutions

2.     Labview programming of hardware

3.     MATLAB programming of dynamical system and Finite Element beam model

4.     Basic digital signal processing

5.     Measurement system and analysis

6.     Data analysis using Excel

7.     Design of experiment

With gratitude and recognition to our fine sponsors:


Office of Naval Research



Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)

as well as

o        Technical writing and presentation

o        Data presentation and documentation

o        Project management

o        Literature review

o        Research ethics

o        Good research habits

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