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Recent Journal Publications

  1. Mbanya Tchafa, F. and Huang, H., “Microstrip patch antenna for simultaneous temperature sensing and superstrate characterization”, accepted, Smart Materials and Structures.
  2. Balusu, K., Kelton, R., Meletis, E.I., Huang, H., 2019, “Investigating the relationship between grain orientation and surface height changes in nickel polycrystals under tensile plastic deformation”, v134, Mechanics of Materials, p165-175.
  3. Sola, J., Kelton, R., Meletis, E.I., and Huang, H., 2019, “Predicting crack initiation site in polycrystalline nickel through surface topography changes”, v124, International Journal of Fatigue, p70-81.
  4. Sola, J., Kelton, R., Meletis, E.I., and Huang, H., 2019, “A surface roughness based damage index for predicting future propagation path of microstructure-sensitive crack in pure nickel”, International Journal of Fatigue, v122, p164-172.
  5. Kelton, R., Sola, J., Meletis, E.I., and Huang, H., 2018, “Visualization and quantitative analysis of crack-tip plastic zone in pure nickel”, JOM The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), v70, n7, p1175-1181.
  6. Mbanya Tchafa, F. and Huang, H., 2018, “Microstrip patch antenna for simultaneous strain and temperature sensing”, Smart Materials and Structures, v27, 065019.
  7. Islam, M.M. and Huang, H., 2018, “Detecting severity of delamination in a lap joint using S-parameters”, Smart Materials and Structures, v27, 035006.
  8. Huang, H., F. Farahanipad, and A. K. Singh, 2017, A stacked dual-frequency microstrip patch antenna for simultaneous shear and pressure displacement sensing, IEEE Sensors Journal, v17, n24, 8314-8323
  9. Singh, A. K., Berggren, S., Zhu, Y., Han, M. and Huang, H., 2017, “Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement using a single fiber Bragg grating embedded in a composite laminate”, Smart Materials and Structures, v26, 115025 (10pp)
  10. Zahedi, F. and Huang, H., 2017, “Time–frequency analysis of electro-mechanical impedance (EMI) signature for physics-based damage detections using piezoelectric wafer active sensor (PWAS)”, Smart Materials and Structures, v26, n5, 055010 (9pp)
  11. Balusu, K. and Huang, H., 2017, “A combined dislocation fan-finite element (DF-FE) method for stress field simulation of dislocations emerging at the free surfaces of 3D elastically anisotropic crystals”, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering,  v25,  n3, 0355007 (14pp)

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